Richard F. Porcelli, DDS, MS / Cosmetic General Dentist

Bluffton Dentist – Cosmetic Dentistry
Voted “Favorite Cosmetic Dentist in Bluffton” in 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016

Dr. Porcelli has been practicing dentistry in Bluffton since 2013, when he opened Bluffton Center for Dentistry. Dr. Porcelli specializes in cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry at his Bluffton dentist office.

Dentistry is an art form.
Dr. Porcelli is a Cosmetic Dentist in Bluffton, SC. Dentistry is the perfect calling for Dr. Porcelli. He has always been artistically inclined. He has always liked working with his hands. And he has always known he was destined to go into a helping profession. His specialty—larger case dentistry—is an art form requiring precise work in the service of people needing serious mouth reconstruction and rejuvenation. Dr. Porcelli instinctively understands the issues and concerns of his patients, and has a passion for helping people get the smile they want.

Dentistry is a precision craft.
Dr. Porcelli is a perfectionist, and he insists on working with people who are equally meticulous. He works with small labs—not with big conglomerates—because he wants people who can build prosthetics with the same care and artisanship he brings to his own craft.

Dr. Porcelli graduated from prestigious Chaminade High School in Minneola, NY—a school known to produce high-achieving academic individuals with strong ties to community, and leadership qualities in their professional careers and in all aspects of life. Through hard work, Dr. Porcelli graduated high school one year early, pursued his studies at Siena College, and completed his bachelors degree in biology. He received his masters degree in biology and education at C.W. Post in Brookville, NY. Dr. Porcelli was already working in the dental field, and this reaffirmed his desire to pursue his doctorate. He believed he could nurture his artistic abilities and educational dedication, and provide health care excellence.

Dr. Porcelli is a top graduate of New York University College of Dentistry. Upon graduation, he was accepted to an advanced dental residency at New York Methodist Hospital, where he worked with specialists in prosthodontics, oral surgery, endodontics, periodontics, oral medicine, and emergency care. The program allowed him to hone his skills in complex dental diagnosis and treatment, and became exemplary for his high standards in dental medicine and patient care.

He is also a Dawson Scholar, having trained at The Dawson Academy-one of the most prestigious post doctorate learning institutes in the world.

Private practice in New York City and Long Island was followed by the move, with his family, to Charleston, SC, in 2008.

Dr. Porcelli continues advanced training in reconstructive, implant, laser, and cosmetic dentistry. In 2012, he opened the Advanced Dentistry & Periodontics division to treat his patients’ most comprehensive cases. He opened Bluffton Center for Dentistry in 2013 to treat Bluffton dentist patients, as well as patients living and working on Hilton Head and the surrounding area.

We want to improve our patients’ Dental IQ.
In recent years, dentistry has made a significant shift in favor of prevention. Dr. Porcelli finds this development most gratifying. “People primarily used to come in for management of pain,” he recalls. But what he calls Dental IQ is increasing, largely due to public education programs. He and his colleagues are determined to raise the bar even higher through articles, in-office education, pamphlets, audio, video and animation—anything that will help the public understand the lifelong value of good, conscientious oral care.

Dentistry on a higher levelthat’s what we’re out to achieve.
Dr. Richard Porcelli never stops learning. His dedication to excellence continues yearly as he spends over 200 hours at continued education workshops both nationally and internationally. He believes that truly advanced dentistry requires taking hands-on, advanced courses. “These put me back in the studio with fellow dentists who are achieving excellence in the field.” This practice enables him to create the ultimate smile design for Bluffton dental patients.