Soft Tissue Graft and Gum Health

soft tissue graft blufftonWhat is a soft tissue graft?
Your gums are a natural defense against both bacterial infection and damage to your teeth. When they are compromised by gingivitis or poor home dental care, gum recession can occur, resulting in tooth sensitivity, pain, and/or an asymmetrical smile.

Why would I need a soft tissue graft?
Often, damage caused by receding gums is minor, and your teeth are still protected enough to overcome most problems by practicing better dental care at home. When the recession is more severe, however, deep pockets form in your gums, not only making it difficult for your dentist to remove plaque and tartar from around your teeth, but also, in extreme cases, causing exposure of the root surface. With damage this acute, Dr. Danenberg might determine that periodontal (gum) surgery may be necessary.

What can I expect from a soft tissue graft?
This surgery, called a soft tissue graft, gingival graft, or root planing, involves taking a thin piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth, or healthy areas near the damaged gum, and placing it around the exposed portion of the root. This thickens the amount of healthy tissue around the affected tooth, resulting in better gum uniformity and health. The procedure requires only local anesthesia in our Bluffton dentist office, and, with the exception of minor cold and hot sensitivity and tenderness, discomfort is rare. You can expect to return to normal activities immediately after your appointment.