Dentist Office Comforts & Convenience

Your time is very valuable. We focus on providing our patients with one-on-one personalized care. We will do everything we can to complete your treatment in as few appointments as possible to minimize the number of visits you need to make to our office.

  • Dark safety glasses are provided in order to protect your eyes from water spray or tiny particles.
  • Televisions in each room so you can relax and watch your favorite show.
  • Radio and lightweight headphones are provided if you’d like to listen to music instead of being distracted by the sounds of the dental office.
  • Anxiety-free dentistry. If you have anxiety or fear of dental procedures, we will prescribe medication that will help you to relax and overcome anxiety.
  • We have the softest and lightest blankets to stay warm if you find our office too cool.
  • Isolated water system: This technology utilizes individual sterile water reservoirs for each treatment room to eliminate biofilm completely in our office. You can have complete confidence in the steps we have taken to ensure your health and safety in our office environment.
  • High quality air purifiers throughout the office.

We offer our patients a chance to fill out an amenities menu so that we can make your visit personalized and custom for the most pleasurable experience possible. Please fill out the form here to let us know how we can be prepared for your visit!


Due to South Carolina Dental board regulations, only authorized service animals will be allowed in our office. Authorized service animals should have documentation that they are trained as service animals and the patient has a disability which the animal is trained to help.  We will require you to bring in the necessary documents before receiving treatment.