Our Dental Care Team

At Bluffton Center for Dentistry, all our our Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants have been highly trained in their fields of work. Their compassion and treatment of their patients healthy, and keeps them returning year after year for all of their dental needs.


Alina O. Porcelli, RDH / Dental Hygienist

Alina O. Porcelli, RDH, is a dental hygienist and also the manager of operations for Bluffton Center for Dentistry.

“I have always had a passion for medicine. My mother was a pediatric nurse and I was exposed to many other medical professionals in my formative years. I would visit a dentist’s office in Romania where I began to foster my passion for dentistry beginning with an obsession with my own teeth! I was very curious to learn more and pursue a path in dentistry.”


Alina was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. During her childhood, she experienced Eastern Europe’s political communism, and in her adolescent years bore witness to the revolution that overthrew dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. This ultimately lead to freedom and democracy in Romania. Growing up during these times, she was supported by her loving parents and her older brother, who was disabled. At a young age, Alina developed a strong sense of compassion for families with special needs. She recalls it being hard at times for her family to see how cruel other kids were towards her brother. When asked about this, Alina says, “I learned very quickly to protect my brother from bullies and how to put them in their place”. She always stood up for those around her that were being mistreated. In fact, her upbringing and commitment to protect her family and friends, eventually led her to a “Top 5 Finish” at the 1990 Romanian National JUDO Championship. She credits her loving brother for teaching her that if you want something in life nothing can stop you, not even a disability, ‘you can go around it and make it happen’. She feels so blessed to be gifted with the family she has and for all the wonderful people in her life.

During her college years, Alina initially attended I.L Caragiale National College Bucharest. Here she majored in biochemistry and intended to pursue medical/dental school. After graduation, Alina attended grad school, Titu Maiorescu University Bucharest, where she pursued a degree in economics, business administration and accounting. She also minored in computer science and foreign language. She is fluent in 4 languages which include Romanian, English, Italian, and Spanish with limited understanding in Portuguese and French.  During grad school, Alina worked part-time at Intercontinental Casino Bucharest. Her job included troubleshooting and reconstructing broken slot machines. In addition, she was recruited by Sequoia modeling agency. Soon after graduation, Alina had an opportunity, which led her to move to New York City.

Once in New York City, Alina worked on Wall Street for Morgan Stanley in the IT department where she helped train and troubleshoot their computer systems. During this time, due to her background and skill set, Alina was approached for recruitment opportunity with the Central Intelligence Agency. However, Alina had already been planning to return to the medical/dental profession which had always been her truest desire. At this time, she applied to Stonybrook University in Long Island to complete her prerequisites for application into dental school.  After a 4.0 GPA competition of the Pre-med requirements, she was offered another opportunity with Estee Lauder Laboratories in Farmingdale, NY. It was now between this or waiting another year to start dental school. The decision came quickly for her and in 2004, Alina attended NYU College of Dentistry. She smiles now and says it must have been fate calling because in addition to her degree she would meet the love of her life, Richard.  Alina graduated from the hygiene program at NYUCD and would be accepted to the dental program if she wanted to continue further. Timing of graduation for her and Richard (Dr. Porcelli) led Alina back to the path of Business management with a part-time position in dental hygiene. Alina received numerous awards upon graduation, including the award for professionalism, certificate of achievement working with special needs patients, and the coveted “Dedication to the Dental Profession” award.

After graduation from NYU College of Dentistry, Alina worked in New York City for the renowned Rosenthal Institute and for Dr. Jonathan Levine at his widely acclaimed aesthetic dental practice on Park Avenue.  Alina has additional certifications in Laser Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry and Ozone Dentistry. She is also certified to administer fillers and Botox. Alina continues to feed her curiosity about dentistry and keeps up with cutting edge dental technology and trends by reading industry newsletters, attending conferences and learning from other medical professionals in conversation.

After practice in New York City, Alina and her husband, Dr. Richard Porcelli, relocated to Charleston, South Carolina in 2009. After moving to the Low Country, Alina and Dr. Porcelli relocated to Hilton Head Island and opened their first office, Beaufort Family Dentistry. She operated and ran this practice successfully from May 2009 to March of 2017. Alina now manages Bluffton Center for Dentistry, the advanced restorative and biologic practice that she and her husband, Richard, run today. She continues to share a vision for holistic practices and subscribes wholeheartedly to the idea of nutrition being a major part of overall health and wellness, for the mouth as well as the body.

Alina is a proud mother of two beautiful children, Matei and Milla Sophia and is dedicated to her family life. When not working, she enjoys skiing, traveling, cooking, boating, fishing, modeling, ballroom dancing and volunteering in the community.

“It’s very important to me to educate and motivate my patients about the benefits of good hygiene and nutrition. I want them to understand the importance of their teeth cleaning routine to maintain a healthy smile and to aid in a healthier life”. –Alina Porcelli

Alina is a member of: American Dental Hygienists AssociationSouth Carolina Dental Association, New York Dental Association, American Association of Dental Office ManagersNYU Dental Alumni AssociationItalian-American Club of Hilton Head Island, and the Hilton Head Island International Women’s Club.


Silvia Wilson,  Registered Dental Hygienist

Silvia was born and raised in Moldova, a small Eastern European country between Romania and Ukraine. She came to the United States and fell in love with the Lowcountry in 2007. Silvia started working with Dr. Porcelli in 2010. Dr. Porcelli and his wife, Alina, really helped her hone in on her passion for dentistry. Dr. Porcelli trained Silvia on the job as a dental assistant, then advised her to attend dental hygiene school. She followed his advice, took her prerequisites at Technical College in Beaufort then graduated as a Registered Dental Hygienist from Savannah Technical College in Savannah, Georgia.

“Working as a hygienist gives me the opportunity to educate people about the importance of maintaining healthy habits regarding their oral health. Patients’ well-being is just one of the many reasons why I feel extremely blessed and happy to be with my ‘family’ here at Bluffton Center for Dentistry. I’m looking forward to serving the local community for many years to come,” Wilson enthused.

Besides work, Silvia enjoys spending time at the beach with her husband, traveling, reading, cooking and practicing yoga.