Anxiety-Free Dentistry

anxiety free dentistry bluffton, anxiety free dentistryANXIETY-FREE DENTISTRY

If you are one of those for whom a dental visit can be a stressful, fear-inducing event, anxiety-free dentistry or conscious sedation – a type of short-term anesthesia – may be the answer.

There are several types of anxiety-free dentistry available. Bluffton Center for Family Dentistry chooses oral sedation, which is a safe, easy-to-use method ideal for relieving anxiety. At our office,  conscious sedation is administered in pill form rather than by injection. Our team uses oral sedation for many procedures, from simple tooth cleanings, to more invasive treatments like implants and gum surgery. The medication takes roughly an hour to become fully effective. It creates a relaxed, comfortable state of mind.

With this type of anesthesia, patients can expect to:

  • Feel practically no discomfort
  • Have little (or no) memory of the procedure the next day
  • Be administered less anesthesia

When your dentist begins your procedure, you will be awake and able to respond to questions.  Although anxiety-free dentistry does take away the sensations of fear and anxiety, the dentist may need to administer pain medication for some dental treatments. However, the dentist will administer any injections after you are sedated, in order to eliminate any uncomfortable sensations. You will probably have no memory of the injection after the medication wears off.


You are unlikely to remember the visit at all once the medication wears off.  In addition, your procedure will seem to have taken much less time than it did. Also, it is important to have someone escort you to and from your dental visit. Although you may feel fine, the effects of the medication could both become effective early and take extra time to wear off, which makes it dangerous to drive. It is best to ask someone to come to your procedure with you in order to drive you to the office and back home.


Dr. Porcelli has been certified with the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) since 2009. DOCS provides specialized training in oral sedation to ensure proper sedation techniques are used.