12 Week Total Body Coaching Program

Introduction & Summary 

You, and only you, are in control of your health. You don’t have to let physicians, prescription drugs, the government, or insurance companies control your health. You need to be proactive, and the 12-Week Total Body Coaching Program will show you how to do this. It will be the best health insurance you could give yourself. We will teach you how to become healthier, more energetic, and more self-confident. It is just a matter of making the right choices. It will be totally up to you, but we will guide you.

So, what is this 12-Week Total Body Coaching Program all about?

First, we’ll get to learn about your needs and your lifestyle. From there, we will begin the Program.

You will learn how to:

  • Make the right choices about the foods you eat
  • Have restful sleep
  • Control the stresses of everyday life
  • Physically work your body to regain & retain your vigor

Beauty and confidence start from the inside out!


Here is a summary of our 12-Week Program. It is the path to change your life – changing how you look, changing how you feel, and changing how you view yourself. The Program is based on Dr. Alvin H. Danenberg’s book, Crazy-Good Living.

Step by step 12 week body coaching, body coaching, 12 weekWe’ll make it easy, simple, and doable. Baby steps – one step at a time. One step = one week. Let’s look at each action step of the Program:


Remove the most damaging food group from your diet and substitute it with healthier options, which we will discuss. The most damaging food group is processed grains and all flour products made from grains. In addition, we provide an all-natural fiber supplement, which helps to improve overall gut health.


Remove the second most damaging food group from your diet as much as possible and substitute it with healthier options, which we will discuss. The second most damaging food group is processed sugars, concentrated sugars, and all artificial sweeteners.


Remove the third most damaging food group from your diet and substitute it with healthier options, which we will discuss. The third most damaging food group is all over-processed seed and vegetable oils.


Remove the remaining inflammatory foods and high-calorie foods that contain few nutrients. These include most processed and packaged foods with added chemicals, which will irritate your insides and harm the healthy cells throughout your body. Substitute healthier food options, which we will discuss.


Learn how to read “Nutrition Facts” and “Ingredients List” on packaged foods. Learn how to shop the aisles of the grocery store. We’ll talk about removing all offending foods from your kitchen.


We’ll talk about sleep and health. Do you sleep well? Do you feel rested when you wake?


We’ll talk about stress and how to deal with it. What can be changed? What is beyond your control?


We’ll talk about working with your body to become more physically active to regain your vigor.


We’ll talk about when you eat, why you eat, and how often you eat. Are there changes you could make with your eating habits that might improve your overall health?


Bits and Facts: We’ll talk about fermented foods, organ meats, herbs, seaweed, bone broth, Vitamin D and sunlight, and over-the-counter supplements (good? or bad?).


You’re nearing the end of the 12-Week Program. We’ll review how you have improved your food options and integrated all four essentials for health – healthy diet, restorative sleep, stress reduction, and efficient exercise. What does your healthy lifestyle look like now? We will provide you with a 7-day journal to record what your typical week looks like. You will write down the foods you eat, when you eat, how you sleep, how you deal with stress, and how you move your body to physically stimulate your muscles, brain, and joints.


We’ll talk about the enjoyment of eating socially. We’ll discuss how to go to any restaurant, even fast-food restaurants, and eat a nutritious, healthy meal. You’ll be confident with eating healthy at parties, picnics, neighbors’ homes, and anywhere you could think of. Now that you know what is good for your body and what is harmful for your body, you now know how to make healthy choices in any situation you might find yourself. Your next step is to share your new knowledge with everyone you love and care about.

To enroll or ask us any questions, call our office at 843.593.8123!