Three Highly-Trained Dentists Under One Roof

Dr. Porcelli, Dr. Danenberg & Dr. Friedman

CH2 dentist articleAt Bluffton Center for Dentistry, we have brought three top dentists together under one roof, allowing our patients to get the best treatment available and not have to travel to different dentists’ offices. Our Bluffton dentist office is proud to practice Mercury Free/BPA Free dentistry to improve the quality of life for our patients and team, as well as protecting our environment.

Dr. Richard Porcelli practices cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. His larger case dentistry is an art form requiring precise work in the service of people needing serious mouth reconstruction and rejuvenation. With a keen artistic eye and advanced training in facial aesthetics, Dr. Porcelli instinctively understands the issues and concerns of his patients. He has a passion for helping people and will make sure they will get the smile they have always dreamed of. He is determined to raise the bar even higher through nutritional counseling and educating patients on biocompatibility to help promote the lifelong value of good, conscientious oral care.

Periodontist, Dr. Al Danenberg, divides his career into two periods: before and after the laser, along with the dynamics of ancestral nutrition. The laser-based LANAP® protocol and the importance of ancestral nutrition, he believes, are revolutionizing the treatment of gum disease. In addition to his extensive periodontal training and experience, Dr. Danenberg is also a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner, offering nutritional counseling to patients. He educates many patients on the biocompatibility aspect of how products we use play an important role in our oral and overall health and wellness.

Dr. Jay Friedman primarily works with dental implants. His procedures include extractions, dental implant placement – from single tooth to full mouth and bone grafting. In addition to the great work that Dr. Friedman provides our patients, he also enjoys lecturing and mentoring on dental implants, and offers his expertise to other dentists in private practice.

Our unique team of Bluffton dentists was recently featured in an article in CH2 Magazine titled “Artistry, Health and Humanity.”