Laser Gum Therapy (LANAP) Periodontics

LANAP and Periodontics in Bluffton, SC

What is LANAP?
LANAP® is an FDA-approved laser procedure, which is relatively painless to treat gum disease and help regenerate bone without a knife, sutures, or bone grafting. LANAP is an excellent treatment, but it is not a cure. THERE IS NO CURE FOR GUM DISEASE. LANAP is performed in place of a deep cleaning, bone surgery, and bone grafting. The goals of LANAP are to reverse some of the effects of the disease and to help you maintain a healthy mouth for years to come. One of the contributing factors of gum disease is trauma from tooth to tooth contact. Therefore, bite adjustments and bite guards may be suggested along with LANAP.

Our Bluffton periodontist, Dr. Danenberg, uniquely treats periodontitis (advanced gum disease) with LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) as well as Primal Nutrition and Lifestyle changes. The LANAP protocol will kill the offending bacteria without harming healthy gum, tooth, or bone cells in addition to helping new bone to grow around the teeth. The patient experiences almost no discomfort and can return to a normal routine the next day. Adapting Primal Nutrition and Lifestyle changes will assist in healing all the cells of the body so that they can thrive as they were designed to function.

How does LANAP compare to traditional gum surgery?

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How does LANAP actually work?

What can I expect following LANAP treatment?
Patients can expect to return to work the day after surgery.