Scaling & Root Planing

Dental scaling occurs with manual hand instruments, ultrasonic instruments or both. Your gum tissues are usually numb for this procedure. The dentist will start the procedure with a thorough examination of your mouth. Next, an ultrasonic scaling device will be used by the dental hygienist to eliminate the plaque bacteria with sonic vibrations. The ultrasonic scaling device removes tartar (calculus), plaque and biofilm from the tooth surface and underneath the gum line. A manual instrument may be used next to remove the remainder.

Root planing involves detailed scaling of the root surface to decrease inflammation of the gum tissue. The dental hygienist scales the root surface to smooth out rough target areas, eliminating plaque and biofilm development. It’s like removing a splinter from your finger.

During the scaling and root planing procedure the use of ozonated water as an antimicrobial irrigation into all gum pockets is included.