Homeopathic Remedies for Dental Work

Homeopathic remedies can be helpful in many ways, both before and after dental work. They can ease anxiety before a visit, reduce the tendency towards bruising and tissue damage during procedures and relieve discomfort afterward.


Arnica Montana

This is a useful first-aid remedy for any situation involving bruising or tissue damage. Patients would take it both before and after stressful dental work, including dental surgery. Arnica may be used as long as soreness lasts or followed by another remedy aimed at more specific symptoms.  Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be applied topically as a gel or balm.


This remedy can help the body overcome the inflammation, infection and abscess. It can be taken internally or can be used as an herbal tincture. Applied to injured gums and areas around the teeth, the tinker can help reduce the chance of infection and help the tissues heal after being cut or bruised.


The remedy is helpful when a person is very sensitive following dental work. It sometimes works when pain medications have little to no effect, helping the person’s nerve response become more balanced.


This remedy can help ease the apprehension and anxiety that often precede a visit to the dentist. The person may tremble and feel weak from dread, develop a headache {in the back of the head and the muscles of the neck) or feel mentally dull and lethargic.


Hypericum is often commonly referred to St. John’s Wort.  This remedy is known for its soothing effect when nerve areas are injured. Shooting, jabbing pains are often felt. Hypericum is very useful after oral surgery.

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