All on 4/6 Implant with Non Removable Appliance

All on 4/6 Implant with Non Removable Appliance is a permanent fixture that is attached to 4-6 implants the same day of implant placement and is not removable.

Four to six implants are placed in your mouth while you are asleep with the help of sedation. During the same visit, a natural looking, non-removable hybrid appliance is screwed onto the implants.

The result is a new set of teeth that are strong, attractive and provide you with the same full use and enjoyment as real teeth in a single day. The appliance can easily be removed by the dentist for thorough professional cleanings or infrequent maintenance, if necessary.

Benefits of “New-Smile-In-1-Day” vs. traditional removable dentures:

  • Eliminates loose fitting, painful and sore dentures
  • Corrects an unsightly smile with a permanent, pain free solution
  • Enables you to go home on the day of surgery with a new smile
  • Natural looking teeth that function and feel like your own teeth
  • The fixed appliance doesn’t have to be removed
  • Reduces the number of follow-up visits
  • Improves self confidence and well being