Bone Grafting Procedure

What is bone grafting?
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In dental procedures, bone grafting is the process of building healthy gum bones where damage has occurred over time. Bone grafting is used when severe deterioration has affected the bones that hold your teeth in place. Such deterioration is usually the result of untreated periodontitis, or gum disease. Bones that would normally repair themselves must be brought back to health by transplanting material from outside the infected area. This surgical procedure uses transplanted material from one of three material sources: your own healthy bone, an outside source, or synthetic material.

Why should I choose bone grafting?
If you have lost teeth due to widespread decay and gum disease, you should consider bone grafting as part of the overall process of having a dental implant inserted to replace the missing tooth. A bone graft stops further bone deterioration and produces new, stronger bone, which allows for the safe and secure introduction of an implant. If you choose not to have an implant, chewing may be problematic and other infections may occur.

What can I expect from a bone grafting procedure?
First, Dr. Friedman will take a piece of bone from your body – the hip is a common area – to use in the grafting. Then, he will cut away the decayed gum and place the healthy bone in a pocket in your jawbone at the point where the bone has become too soft or otherwise deteriorated. The graft is then sealed up. Afterwards, it may take six to nine months for the bone transplant to grow strong enough to support the eventual dental implant.