Nutrient Dense Salad Recipe

As we start off 2018, we know many of you have resolutions about being more healthy, losing weight, feeling better, or eating more vegetables!  We wanted to arm you with a simple recipe that is easy to make ahead and can be used as a filling lunch option in the office or as a quickly put together dinner on weeknights when time is a valuable resource.   A quick reminder first too about what the ideal plate looks like for future reference and as a guideline for keeping those resolutions!

Dr. Danenberg’s tips to a healthy plate of food:
more that 50% non-starchy vegetables
less than 25% healthy animal protein with its healthy fat
less than 25% nuts, seeds, small starchy vegetable, and/or healthy fruit

Originally shared on Dr. Danenberg’s site: here is a perfect meal that is easy to prepare, colorful, and very healthy!








Easy, Nutrient Dense Salad

Mustard greens, chopped
Sardines, bone-in and skin-on
Avocado, sliced
Sauerkraut, live culture
Pomegranate arils
Pumpkin seeds and almonds, raw and soaked overnight
Olive oil
Kelp granules (I use Maine Coast Sea Seasonings’ Organic Kelp Granules)
Sea salt and pepper to taste

Put in bowl and enjoy! How easy is that?


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