Gums & Your Health

Gums and Health

Do you have gum disease?
periodontist blufftonIf your gums bleed sometimes, you most likely have a form of gum disease called gingivitis. Gingivitis is an infection. Often, it can travel under the gums and into the jawbone surrounding the roots of your teeth. This more advanced stage of this infection is called periodontitis. Gum disease can give you bad breath, loose teeth, soreness, gum recession, and root sensitivity. It also can participate in spreading infection throughout your body. Unfortunately, as the disease progresses, your occasional bleeding gums might go away, causing you to believe that this disease is not a problem any longer. What has happened is that the infection has moved deeper under the gums and into the bone around your teeth, destroying your jawbone.

What can you do about gum disease?
One of the first things you need to do is to learn to clean your mouth properly. Our Bluffton hygienists can demonstrate what you need to do if you need some help. But, most people will benefit by brushing with an electric toothbrush that efficiently cleans the bacteria film from around much of the tooth. It is also important for you to clean between the teeth with floss and a small brush that is designed to clean the in-between spaces as a bottle brush would clean the inside of a baby’s bottle.

Our dental team is here to help
Often the bacteria that are big factors causing this infection also will harden around the teeth and under the gums. Our hygienists can gently remove these deposits called tartar that are like barnacles that form on a boat’s bottom as it sits in the water. Tartar irritates the gum tissues like a splinter in your finger would irritate the surrounding skin until it was removed. Dr. Danenberg, our periodontist (gum specialist), can help you understand how this infection might be spreading in your body and how it might be arrested and healed.

Gum health and overall health
Gum health is not only about brushing and flossing. The refined carbohydrates that you eat (like bread, cereals, processed foods, sugars) can create bad bacteria in your gut. Unhealthy bacteria from your gut affect the bacteria in your mouth by way of your saliva. These unhealthy bacteria have a negative effect on overall health as well as mouth health. These bad bacteria in your mouth feed off of the refined carbohydrates you consume to cause gum disease and tooth decay – a vicious cycle.

Let us help you break this cycle by calling the Bluffton Center for Dentistry and making an appointment today. We are here to help.